Gurudakshina: The Practice Of Giving Back

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Govinda Sanskara Center, fondly called as Govinda Mandir, is the soul of Hindu Community circle residing at India Square, Jersey City. Since its Stahapana in the year 1999, the Mandir has been visited by ever increasing number of devotees, offering reverence and seeking blessings from their beloved God Shivnathji – one of many forms of Lord Shree Krishna.

This spiritual abode of Smruti, Bhakti and Shakti continues to attract hundreds upon thousands of devotees not just from New Jersey, but from other States as well.

To ensure that every single devotee visiting the Mandir prays and meditates in space of peace and tranquility, the Committee has decided on a planned expansion of the Mandir space.

Adding to Mandir’s physical space is one aspect of the expansion, the other important feature of this decision is to perform Praan Prathistha of various forms of our beloved Lord Shree Krishna. Soon, the Mandir will be abode of Lord Narsimha, Matsya Kurma and Varaha murtis. Click here for more information on the New Govinda Sanskar Center.

The Mandir Committee seeks your support and benevolence to help this expansion in form of voluntary donations. You may choose to donate any amount that the soul of our community inspires you to. Alternatively, you can also contact us <phone no. and email id> to know about other means to offer your generosity.

We, Lord Krishna devotees, are known to lead by example in serving the society. He has offered us yet another opportunity for Seva Parmo Dharma.


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